Are there any New World anchors on Twitch worth watching?

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Are there any New World anchors on Twitch worth watching?

As we all know, Amazon Game Studios released their first MMO on September 28, 2021. Since then, Twitch has become all the rage. The game reached a peak of over 950,000 viewers on the day of its release, and ranked among the best in the category of streaming media platforms. A few weeks have passed since the release date of New World, and many streaming media have already played games on Twitch. Here are a few of the best New World streamers worthy of attention.

Fengrush, with more than 112,000 fans, has been broadcasting the game almost every day since its release. The RPG New World Coins creator also uploaded a New World video on his YouTube channel. Actionjaxon provides a squad mode, so that players can also watch who he is playing with on the same screen. This provides a more interactive stream for more than 152k followers.

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CDN has 2 million fans and offers New World streaming and various other games. CDN is also the only creator who does not use a webcam during the game. Sacriel has always ranked first in the category with nearly 700,000 fans, providing New World streaming and various other streaming media for players to enjoy. Sacriel often collaborates with other anchors Shroud, Just9n and iiTzTimmy to develop other games, such as Back 4 Blood.

YoDa currently has 2.1 million followers and 7,000 viewers, but he almost only speaks Portuguese. In addition to New World, he also broadcasts games such as League of Legends and Valorant. Amazon seemed to be hit, and due to poor reviews of the New World Coins beta version, the company eventually cancelled the development of its first version after republishing it to the closed beta. In addition, NewWorldCoins is currently holding promotional activities, you can visit NewWorldCoins now and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins.