TBC Classic First Aid Leveling Guide

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Raiding and PvP are just two scenarios where bandages could be useful and should be used regularly.

First Aid is a very low-cost, secondary profession that any character can master. It is extremely useful for getting better at it and provides significant advantages for content in the endgame. In this article we will discuss the process of leveling, the tools required, and the different bandages that are used for First Aid.


First Aid is among the three secondary professions available to all players in TBC Classic. This means that it is a skill that can be taught to all players without conflicting with other professions. The bandages it creates can be used as a Mana-free healing tool. Warriors and Rogues will find these very useful particularly when leveling.


Raiding and PvP are just two scenarios where bandages could be useful and should be used regularly. Bandages can be the key to winning or losing in an Arena. Bandages can be useful in raids and dungeons to save Mana or help you stay alive in times of difficulty.


Bandages can be used to heal. A bandage can be applied to yourself or a loved one. Any damage taken by the person receiving healing will completely stop the channel. You will be given a debuff called Recently Bandaged IconRecently bandaged. This stops you from using bandages for 60 seconds following treatment.


Training First Aid




To learn apprentices and journeyman first aid, all you need to do is locate an instructor in any major city. They should be able to train you up to Expert.


You'll then need to locate a retailer who can sell the Expert First Aid - Under Wraps. This vendor is Deneb Walker in Stromgarde Keep, Arathi Highlands. Balai Lok'Wein in Brackenwall Village, Dustwallow Marsh can do the similar thing for the Horde. They also sell recipe for the bandages required for continuing to level.


You must finish a particular profession quest in order to become an Artisan. The chain will start by either Alliance Trauma from Nissa Firestone in Ironforge or Horde Trauma from Arnok in Orgrimmar. From there, Alliance players will report to Doctor Gustav VanHowzen at Theramore Isle in Dustwallow Marsh, and the Horde must find the doctor Gregory Victor at Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands.


Once at their respective doctors the two factions will be able to complete identical tasks during the Triage quest. When the quest begins, three kinds of patients will be spawned three types of patients: Injured, Very Injured and Critically injured. First, focus your attention to the patients with severe injuries to finish the quest in a hurry. Next, focus your concentration on the seriously ill patients. In the final phase, focus on those who are injured severely and finally, you'll have to take care of the injured. It is possible for 15 patients to be saved prior to their death. It will happen. But, if you follow the progression of Critically injured followed by a Badly Injuredgt; Injured, it should boost your chances of getting through the quest on your first attempt.




After you cross into Outlands, you'll need to purchase a different guide called Master First Aid Doctor inside the House -- to train up to Master. Each faction will receive a guide from a particular Doctor in Hellfire Peninsula. The Horde can buy copies from Arsella in Falcon Watch while the Alliance can purchase them from Burko at Temple of Telhamat. These medics will also sell the next set of bandage recipes, so make sure to purchase them as well!


First aid training over 150


Before you leave, take a look at the Silk Bandage recipe from your instructor!


You can be trained in First Aid beyond 150 using the Expert First Aid - Under Wraps book.


Deneb Walker (Alliance), in Arathi Highlands, sells the book. Balai Lok’Wein (Horde), in Dustwallow Marsh, also sells it. The two recipes for bandaging are also offered by these sellers. If you're at a low in the game, you can purchase the book at the Auction House instead of wasting many hours rushing to the vendor. If you're lazy like me, purchase the book from the Auction House.


These books are available to purchase:


Expert First Aid - Wrapped


Manual Instructions for Heavy Silk Bandage


Manual: Mageweave Bandage.


Click on the Expert First Aid Under Wraps that you have in your bag. Then you can continue making Silk Bandages. If you're not familiar with the Silk Bandage recipe, you should go to your first aid teacher.


Training First Aid above 225


When you complete the Triage quests, you will master Artisan First Aid and train First Aid for over 225.


When you have an First Aid skill of 225 and level 35, you're able to start with the Alliance Trauma / Horde Trauma quest (optional). The quests will take you to Triage / Triage in Dustwallow Marsh or Arathi Highlands.


Bring everything you need for a level of skill that is up to 290, since you'll need to master numerous recipes later on from the NPCs who give quests, Doctor Gustaf vanHowzen or Doctor Gregory Victor, so bring about 100 pieces of Mageweave Cloth and 70 x Runecloth with you.


You can find Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Dustwallow Marsh at Theramore Isle. The doctor is located inside the main store, which is where the guards practice outside. Take a right turn and then turn left and you will find him in the corner of the room. Doctor Gregory Victor is in Arathi Highlands near Hammerfall in the village, then turn left. He's inside the building to the left, right after the entrance.


How to complete the Triage Quest


Here are some tips to simplify your search


Unsane patient --gt; Critically Ill - Patients who are critically injured will die if you fail to heal the other two patients.


Troll patient --gt; Badly Injured Patients with injuries will die after you heal 4 other patients.


Orc patient --gt; Injured Patients who are injured have a long time before dying.


This will help you determine which areas you would like to heal first. If you begin from the left and then go on to the right and they don't usually die before you have finished the round. This is the way I did it and it worked for me the first time.


To turn on the health bar on the head of patients to allow to allow for quick monitoring Press CTRL + V. Or tick the "Show NPC Names" option from Interface Options.


To get the most out of the space, change your camera to third-person.


Keep the triage bandages that your doctor prescribed to you during the action bar. Don't reuse yours. You can also tie it to any key.


Find yourself on the floor.


Left-click on a different patient to pre-select them. When your current healing is finished, click the bandages from your action bar. The selected heal will begin to heal. Saves valuable seconds this way.


Once you have saved 15, submit the quest as soon as you can. It was a fail for me because I waited and 6 patients passed away. The mission was declared "complete" but "failed.


There aren't any First-Aid trainers within Classic TBC. To master the new TBC First Aid skill and train above 300, you need to purchase the book Master First Aid - Doctor in the House. The following NPCs offer the book.


Horde: Aresella in Hellfire Peninsula at Falcon Watch. Way #100 26.262.0


Alliance: Burko on the Hellfire Peninsula at Temple of Telhamat. /way #100 22.4 39.2


They also offer Manual Heavy Netherweave, as well as ManualNetherweave bandages so be sure to get the items before you leave! They are essential to increase your First Aid score to 375.