How long have you been off? Chelsea responded after Lukaku died

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Chelsea, the Premier League's billionaires, have been left without striker Romelu Lukaku for a month after suffering an ankle injury in the game. Champions League The home game defeated Malmo 4-0 on Wednesday night, October 20.

The London club are obliged to check for the £97.5 million striker (about 5,442 million baht) because he has a dislocated right ankle. and had to be replaced from the middle of the first half for Kai Havertz to take over

In the case of the Belgian national team star, the latest on October 21, The Sun, the city's elite media have revealed that the former Inter Milan striker will leave the field for three to four weeks. And will miss out on the club's games against Norwich, Newcastle, Burnley and Leicester.

However, although the program that appears is unlikely to be a difficult task for Premier League leaders Chelsea, they are hoping to collect points at full units to escape the pursuit of both Liverpool and Manchester City, resulting in the absence of Lukaku. It was a problem for the money team as well, although he had been blind for seven matches.

The Blues will also face a crucial Champions League clash with Juventus at Stamford Bridge on November 23, and five days later they will be playing. แทงบอลออนไลน์ Guarding the battle with Manchester United, the former club of the giant striker, who is expected to return to fitness Lukaku will return to the field.