Privacy Policy

  1. Right to Information

If the user decides to register at, (hereinafter CloutApps) we will only request the information strictly necessary to achieve the aims and purposes which the website is intended for. Information that CloutApps receives from users This refers to information that you enter when registering (required) and all that you choose to share in the various features of the platform (optional information). Registration Information. In order to use the service of CloutApps it is necessary that you register with your personal information, including your name, email address, date of birth, gender, country and username. Information Shared by the User. The information also refers to all actions made by the user as interaction in CloutApps, such as posts sharing, updates, photos or videos you upload, comments on other posts on your wall, joining groups, users and companies/pages you follow, likes and the use of our tool to import contacts from your contacts. Public Information Options At CloutApps, the user always has the ability to choose the level of privacy (which by default is public), and enable or disable different communication services and interaction, such as alerts, e-communication about you, bulletins, notifications, interest targeted advertising, etc. It refers to "public information" to any information that can at any moment be displayed publicly and that can be visibly seen and shared for all the users of CloutApps and also others who are not. By having the information active in a public way implies that all the user information may be disseminated within CloutApps (your name, posts, images, curriculum, etc.), even outside of CloutApps. Your name or any other information may also be shown when an Internet user performs a search through a search engine or within CloutApps. Mandatory Public Information The following user information will always be used publicly by CloutApps with the intention of offering a coherent and complete service. Name. Allows the discovery between users and companies interested in the professional profile of the particular user and to make contact (only if you have applied for an offer). If you would not like to be found with your name the user always has the option to unsubscribe and delete their account. Profile image. Helps user recognition. Being a part of a social network with professional features, a profile image is a part of your presentation to other users and companies who also use CloutApps. Gender. Allows CloutApps to properly address the user. Use of user information Information received from each user is used to provide the services and functionalities in the best way possible for all users, registered companies, partners and advertisers within CloutApps. The main service that CloutApps offers is providing truly relevant and related content to each of its members, including suggestions and advertisements posted on each wall, which is aimed specifically at users who really might be interested; this is achieved by knowing the gender, age, profession, geographic location, the interest groups, including data collected before and after registration at CloutApps. With the user information CloutApps can make internal operations, such as data analysis, solving problems, research, development of new tools and service improvement and interface operations. At no point will CloutApps share your user information without your consent through the text of the present policies and of your formal acceptance of these. The user who accepts and is in agreement with the conditions presented grants permission for such purposes. The user details are used exclusively by CloutApps and are not shared with advertisers or with external organizations. The only exception is in case there should be a change of property management or the sale of a part of the total sale of CloutApps, they could share the information of the users to a third party, who is entitled  to use such information in accordance with the policies in course by CloutApps and your future changes with previous notice and consent of the user. The users details are stored for a set period of time required to provide the services and products that CloutApps offers to them. Generally, the information associated with an active account at CloutApps is preserved until the conclusion of the definitive unsubscription of the account; the retention of data is only made for certain types of details. Services provided by CloutApps to users CloutApps is an apps social network, connecting like-minded people in apps and games related industry by their profession and/or areas of interest. After the registration process and registration for free, CloutApps offers a range of services and tools for the user based on usage over a wide range of interests: employment, leisure, education, technology, travel, automotives, dating, e-commerce, etc, all through our online platform of CloutApps. Within the user profile, CloutApps offers relevant content based on the interests declared by the user at the time of the subscription and through the behavior observed by their interactions within the site. As such, CloutApps suggests all kinds of information and online services, training, networking, groups, jobs, services, notifications, activities and leisure opportunities, tourism, etc. considered to be of interest to the user. For this purpose, it is required that users truthfully and correctly complete the electronic form and the include their personal and professional information necessary for the functions and purposes described. The treatment of user data is focused on achieving these purposes within the regulatory framework. Data provided by users will be incorporated into a file registered with the Data Protection Agency, which governs CloutApps Affinity Social Network. Services provided by CloutApps to recruiters
  • Posting job offers and / or services on CloutApps.
  • CV’s.
  • Management of the recruitment process
  • Services related to the management of the selection of candidates and other services that CloutApps considers to be of interest for the companies. Groups, education, contact network, notifications, promotions and offers of third parties
  • Electronic communications service
  • Exclusive tools to use for the Premium (Bee+) account version for recruitment and for users searching for jobs or other purposes.
The personal data of users is stored in a database owned by CloutApps, registered with the Data Protection Agency. The data collected is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope, purpose and specification of the service which is an explicit and legitimate service of CloutApps. CloutApps has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, all in accordance with the provisions of control procedures for the security of information systems.
  1. User Consent

By clicking on the "Create Account" in the Registration form the user gives unambiguous and explicit consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the purposes and services provided by CloutApps and, where appropriate, transferable to third parties for service fulfillment (with the conditions specified in the paragraph privacy control). For these purposes “third party entities” using the CloutApps services means that users authorize CloutApps to access their personal data, regardless of their level of privacy, in order to inform users of job offers suitable and ideal for the professional profile of the user. Electronic communication service Alerts: Receive free automated jobs, services and other opportunities Through CloutApps electronic communications (email and SMS) are sent for free, quickly, can be personalized and all the necessary information which best suits the interests of the user, among others, email services, (registration, remembering password, invitations, subscription, etc); Alerts by keywords, instant alerts by geographic location, interest and collectively; job bulletin by province and categories; education bulletin by geographic location, interests and collectively. CloutApps establishes two mechanisms by which users who request to be excluded from this service can proceed easily and for free. To do this, the user must login to CloutApps and go to your ¨Privacy¨ located in account settings at the top right of your profile, click the 'Privacy' or 'Notifications' section and disable the option to receive this service or configure each as desired. You can exclude yourself from the services by following the instructions which are indicated at the bottom of each email that you receive from CloutApps. Other communications CloutApps sends various communication to registered users via (email, sms, web, mail and mobile devices) notifications and promotion related to CloutApps, the field of recruitment, as well as the sectors of music, television, film, radio, communication, training and education, hospitality, finance, distribution, sports, travel, insurance, NGO, editorial, automotive, employment, property, meteorology, sales, energy, fashion, textiles, video games, health, leisure, management , electronics and telecommunications. CloutApps sends these to users who previously have authorized the following electronic communications:
  • CloutApps Newsletters: Tips for finding best apps or game deals, reports, trends, etc.
  • Sectoral Newsletters: Information on employment in app or game industry.
  • Developments: CloutApps developments and knowledge about tools and the purposes.
  1. Privacy Control

The user must select the level of privacy of personal data provided to CloutApps:
  1. Public Profile: The user can change the privacy level of the public profile through their private menu. The different levels are:
    1. All of the users with public profile information will be visible to any business or user accessing professional listings available on CloutApps. With this option, companies can contact the candidates.
    2. The user profile data may be indexed by general search engines on the Internet such as Google, Bing and other pages that use robots that index content on the Internet.
The user can change the privacy level through their private menu. This setting does not control whether people can find a user or a link to a user through content they have permission to see, as a publication or photograph that has a tag of the user. Content posted and shared by the user Control of posts. The user can always choose who they want to send each of the posts and updates to before clicking the ¨Share¨ button. This way you can decide to share with the entire CloutApps community and public, with yourself only or with your friends alone. Like all the information shared via email or Internet, the content published on CloutApps can be copied by people or users who have seen it. The user is responsible in deciding who can see their updates. The comments made by a user with their private profile in a post of another user that has decided to make it public, the comments of a user on their private profile shall be public, since the author of the publication mentioned has decided. The user should note that any publication made in the user´s account is the responsibility of the administrative user of that account, and all the content generated becomes part of the property of CloutApps. After the unsubscription of an account, part of the shared content of the previous dates will continue to be visible on CloutApps. Content and information that a user shares of another user Tags and links. Any CloutApps user can include links and tags to their posts and updates. The links are understood as URL that direct you to a website and can be both internal or external to CloutApps. In case a private profile is linked to a post, once clicking the link it is only possible to view the public content mandatory by the profile. A tag is a type of link generally used in mentioning the other user. When a user tags another in a post, the tag links the profile of the user mentioned. In case the user does not want to be tagged by another person, it is recommended to get in contact with the other directly and to tell them. If in the case the person still decides to tag, then the user can block the other so that they can not be tagged. Groups Only the user can decide if you belong to an affinity hive or not, and it is he /she who decides when to leave. When a user belongs to a hive, all posts within the hive will be displayed on the wall of the user. You may be mentioned, tagged, linked or added to updates being made by other members in the hive. The user must keep in mind that all posts made within a hive can be read and used by other members; CloutApps is not responsible for the disclosure of information that is made within these forums or groups. The user can remove any posts at any time made to a hive, but it should be noted that other members may be copied in all or part of the information that was once shared. Searches All the users can use the search function at CloutApps to find other users inside and outside of timeline, or to find companies, pages, groups, apps, games, keywords, etc. Business pages and other instructions (universities, public figures, etc.) The pages of institutions such as companies, universities and other entities are public at CloutApps. All information posted and shared through these will be visible to the creator user (member of the institution). All the following users of these pages appear as followers of the page and can be seen both by the owner or by other users. Cookies and IPs The user accepts the use of cookies and IP tracking. Our site traffic analyzer uses cookies and IP tracking that allow us to collect data for statistical purposes: date of first visit, number of times you have visited, date of last visit, URL and domain, browser used and screen resolution. However, users can disable and/or eliminate these cookies following the instructions of your Internet browser.  

4. Right of Revocation, Opposition, Access, Correction, Updates and Cancellation of Data

The user has the right to access personal data, rectify if data is incorrect and unsubscribe from CloutApps´s services. Thus, the user can withdraw their consent at any time for a justified cause, but can not have retroactive effects. These rights can be exercised by the configuration of the website in case of trouble for doing this online. In case you have any problems of completing this online like any other type of query or concern in respect to our privacy policy of data you can contact: Customer Service Department CloutApps complies with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data and privacy commitments of its activity. In case CloutApps makes any changes to its policy of the use of data and privacy, they will notify users by posting on this document. If there is a large or numerous change made, the users will be notified with prior notice under the required circumstances.