Lenado high speed jacquard air jet loom, include electronic jacquard machine / air jet loom / assembly mechanism / faucet drive shaft / drive system and support frame.
We configure HANGZHOU WUMU jacquard machine on the air jet loom,and determine the number of needles according to the customer demand for the products, so that it can meet the weaving requirements of various high-grade jacquard fabrics, such as decorative cloth / sofa fabric / denim / sari and so on.
Electronic jacquard loom is highly adaptable to extremely complex fabric structures, and it is faster and more efficient.
Lenado electronic jacquard air jet loom has the characteristics of high speed / wide fabric range / and stable operation/ lower consumption.
This machine can be customized according to customer requirements, we would like to know more details about the products and then recommend the most suitable machine to the customer.
We offer reasonable price for every client,and the price is changeable according to purchasing amount. And you have to pay a deposit before we commence production, then we will arrange the shipping after receiving the full payment.
We offer omnidirectional service for our customers as the persistent promise. Looking forward to cooperating with you.China Air Jet Loom

China Customized Air Jet Loom Manufacturers Factory - LENADO

China Customized Air Jet Loom Manufacturers Factory - LENADO

LENADO is one of the most professional air jet loom manufacturers in China, specialized in providing high quality products and service. Please feel free to wholesale customized air jet loom at competitive price from our factory.