Prepainted Aluminum Sheet factory Introduce Printed Embossed Aluminum Sheet is a product that uses the Embossing equipment to press all kinds of patterns on plain aluminium foil, colored aluminium foil, all mounted aluminum foil and all mounting colored aluminium foil. Through embossing, it can increase the beautiful decorative appearance of the product. Production process (1) The embossing shaft should be separated before embossing the aluminum foil to avoid damaging the paper roll. (2) After driving, the embossing roller can be pressurized when it reaches the specified temperature during operation. (3) During the embossing production process, the tension of the aluminum coil should be controlled appropriately. If the pattern is too large, the pattern will be blurred. (4) If the embossing roller is stuck with aluminum coil or paper scraps, it should be stopped quickly and brushed off with a copper brush. If the paper roll is stuck with aluminum coil or paper scraps, use steel needles to remove the adhesive along with the pattern. (5) During the operation of the equipment, the embossing shaft should be separated when the incoming material has any inclusions and joints. Prevent damage to the paper roll surface. (6) Due to the long working time, the steel roller makes a sound, and the aluminum coil sticks up or waves appear. At this time, the embossing should be stopped and the water mill should be used to cool the roller. (7) After 150h of embossing production, the mold should be pressed again. Water should be sprayed during the pressing. It must not contain alkali or hot water, which will reduce the service life of the paper roll. Advantage Increasing the surface area with an embossing process can prevent adhered substances from slipping off. This can help extend the protection period and reduce the time and effort required for cleaning and washing. As a professional manufacturer of embossed aluminum foil, We have reliable quality, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery. Common specifications are in stock. Special sizes can be customized according to clients' requests.Prepainted Aluminum Sheet factory website: