UHMWPE Fabric Anti Cut price Hangzhou Impact New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a 20-year enterprise integrating R&D and production of Special materials.Specializing in the production of new materials such as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fabric, HPPE anti-cutting fabric, aramid nylon high wear-resistant fabric, high temperature resistant flame retardant heat insulation fabric and so on. Superior performance and reliable quality. Products are widely used in fire, military and police, outdoor sports, protective gloves, anti-cut anti-theft bags, security equipment and other protection fields. The company's R&D personnel have more than 20 years of industry experience, adhering to the business philosophy of "service first, quality first", Impact has reliable quality, good reputation, excellent price, fast delivery and perfect service, and wholeheartedly serves the majority of users, for the interests of customers , make customers satisfied! Looking forward to sincerely cooperating with you with the best service. APPLICATION FIELD With two decades of experience in the manufacture of uhmwpe sheets, uhmwpe fabrics, carbon fiber fabrics, Impact New Materials provides raw materials for kayak and boat manufacturers, sports and racing designers, model aircraft manufacturers, hobbyists and professional manufacturers. KAYAK BOAT RACING MODEL AIRPLANE Impact New Materials is a leading supplier of uhmwpe sheet, uhmwpe fabric, carbon fiber fabric and aramid (such as Kevlar) and related composite products in China. Impact New Materials works with customers to create carbon fiber, aramid products for a variety of requirements, including aerospace, automotive, building and construction, marine and military, sports equipment, crafts, high-end luggage, model aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). AEROSPACE CAR ARCHITECTURE OCEAN MILITARY SPORTS EQUIPMENT CRAFTS SUITCASE MODEL AIRPLANE DRONE WHAT WE DO Excellent quality and competitive price, give professional opinions and suggestions according to customer's application, and make some improvements after receiving customer's feedback. Uhmwpe yarn Aramid Yarn Carbon Fiber Yarn Carbon Fiber Fabric Carbon Fiber Sheet SERVE Focused on high performance fibers and related end products, willing to develop new products according to customer requirements, we have more than 20 years of expertise in this field. Quick reply, you can contact us by phone, email, whatsapp, skype, wechat and QQ, we will reply you in the shortest time. According to the volume and weight of sea, air and express, the best shipping method is suggested and selected. WE CARE Agile and successful sustainable growth We believe the future means the future for all. At Impact, agile growth and market success are accompanied by conscious and concrete actions towards a more circular economy. Our commitment to sustainability underlies every strategic decision we make. WE DARE Visionary Visionary We believe technology must continue to evolve to make more things possible, but in a lighter, smarter and more connected way than ever before. Our team has formed a team of more than 200 passionate talents, close and active communication with our more than 100 overseas customers in the field of product, research, spread over 30 countries. We unite and embrace inclusive and diverse teams, working together to ensure that life, industry needs special new material product problems can be solved here, fully listening and understanding the widest range of customer needs in a rapidly changing market. UHMWPE Fabric Anti Cut price website:http://www.impact-fibers.com/