Bless Unleashed: How do players use skill points in the game

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Bless Unleashed: How do players use skill points in the game

Players who have played Bless Unleashed know that the skill point reset of this game is a frequently requested feature in MMO. In fact, this is mainly due to the large number of equipable Blessings and the skills they can unlock. Although this feature may be planned for a future update, Bless Unleashed has some convenient ways to maximize Blessings and skill points, even if the player makes some wrong investments in the early days.

According to the development team, there is currently no way for players to reset skill points. The development team stated that this is not something that players can do "currently", so there may be a Bless Unleashed skill point reset in the future. However, this is not a major issue, at least not that the player gets deeper into the game. If the player is not sure which Blessings to maximize, the player may run out of points early. However, players can still maximize them by farming some skill points.

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

Bless Unleashed will gain a lot of skill points from completing tasks. If the player runs out of the player's current skill point pool, a task run-in point should be able to meet the player's needs. Skill experience comes from completing regional missions and helping to build a player's skill point pool. Each point of SXP counts as 5% of the new Bless Unleashed Star Seeds skill points. Players can also earn skill points by completing boss battles.

Maximizing all the skills in Blessings will unlock a passive buff that will remain active even if the player replaces it with a new Blessings. So it is quite easy for players to obtain skill points. However, if the player wants to save time, make sure to plan ahead and choose the skills and passive skills that the player thinks are most needed. Intense boss battles will also allow players to obtain a large number of soul crystals, although how to use them is not as obvious as players think.

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