Bless Unleashed: Salamander Solstice event will end on September 15

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Bless Unleashed: Salamander Solstice event will end on September 15

As we all know, Bless Unleashed has launched the Salamander Solstice event for PC players from August 18th. Players participating in the event will have the opportunity to get some cool items, and those with strong abilities can also get special rewards. The event will continue until September 15, and interested players can now join the event to experience more gaming fun.

The Salamander Solstice event is divided into two events. The first is salamander hunting. Around Lumios, players will definitely notice that salamanders and their flame lizard protectors begin to appear. Defeating these monsters will get salamander coins, which can then be exchanged for different rewards at the salamander winter solstice Bless Unleashed Star Seeds event merchant. In addition to salamander coins, defeated monsters will also drop salamander lair map fragments. The goal is to obtain 8 fragments and bring them to the event cartographer, who restores these fragments to the salamander treasure map. Just follow the treasure map to get more coins.

Those who do not like hunting can join the fishing competition. For this game, players need to catch the clown anemone fish, the big-eye tooth diamond and the jewel fish to obtain activity coins. Players should remember that this fish can only be caught at Tremont Fishing Hole in Sperios. The competition started on August 17th and lasted until September 15th.

This new summer event is more than just an event. There are salamander totems, and players can use 100 salamander coins to get random gains. The buff will affect the player who owns it and other characters within eight meters of the totem. Buffs include increased attack power, increased critical strike rate, and increased PvE XP. Players also need to find burning ore. Players can dig it, but it will cause event monsters to appear. Just defeat the monsters to get salamander coins and salamander lair map fragments.

Currently, the Bless Unleashed PC version was released in early August. Players can play this game on PC, Xbox One 4 and PlayStation 4. During the game, players will need to consume a large amount of Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. Although players have many ways to accumulate Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in the game, this process often takes a long time. Therefore, I recommend to you, where any player can buy very cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.