Rocket League Strategies for 1V1

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Like every other mode in Rocket League, 1v1 battles start with the face-off. You're going to score a lot of goals because of favorable face-offs

Like every other mode in Rocket League, 1v1 battles start with the face-off. You're going to score a lot of goals because of favorable face-offs, and let in plenty of goals because of unfavorable ones. That's just business as usual in 1v1. The face-off is often a crapshoot.


If it's the "straight line" faceoff (the one you get at the start of a match), use the right stick to peek over the ball and see if your opponent has stayed in his net. For all other faceoffs, you can see whether or not your opponent has stayed in his net without needing to rotate the camera.

If your opponent is coming towards the ball, then boost right from the start and line yourself up with the ball so that your car is facing toward your opponent's net. When you reach the ball, hold forward and double tap the dodge/jump button so that you launch yourself forward into the ball. Doing so usually ensures that the ball won't just fly into your net right off the bat, but you should try it out for yourself and see what works for you.

If your opponent has stayed in his net, then instead of hitting the ball dead on you can hit it at an angle to make it harder for him to save and punch back. Or, you can get control of the ball and decide from there.

Ball then You then Net. In 1v1s, you always want to be between the ball and your net to stop your opponent from scoring easy goals on you. Any move that doesn't score you a goal and places you such that you're not in between the ball and your net is disadvantageous and should be avoided at all costs. This is a simplification but a good rule to follow in general I've found.

Aerials are Dangerous, Use with Caution. Aerials are particularly dangerous to pull off in 1v1s because if you miss or if you hit the ball and it doesn't score you a goal, you'll often end up in a bad position when reach the ground. Usually, only attempt an aerial if you think you can score a goal off it.

Explosions are Good. Blowing up your opponent in 1v1s is a strong strategy because if you manage to blow him up then you'll have a period of around 2s to play with the ball without any interference from your opponent. Blowing up your opponent while you, the ball and your opponent are all near your opponent's net is optimal because it often leads to easy goals.

Boost is Life. Boost is the lifeblood of Rocket League and having boost is especially important for 1v1s because positioning is important in 1v1s. Boost allows to reposition yourself more quickly and allows you to perform aerials if required. Unless it'll cost you a goal or put you in a disadvantageous position or cause you to lose possession of the ball, going over a boost pad is usually a must. Being at full boost or close to it, is too much of an advantage to pass up.

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